Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Love Saturday Night!

We needed date night! So we headed to one of our fave places...

This is Bill and Merry! We love them!

We had amazing dinners...we each had a lovely drink...mine was so delicious! It was like a margarita/martini with lovely tangerine flavors!

Den had a filet...I had salmon...we forgot photos...we were! But we saved room for dessert.

Mine was called Cakeandberries! And it was just that with some raspberry foam!

Den had Mango Panna Cotta...with beignets! OMG! We really do rarely have dessert or we split...but...we could not resist these! Den ate half of mine I think I had dessert with half the calories! I am so learning how to make panna cotta!

Finished this...I have to say I loved this book...Abby is trying on her wedding dress when she finds out her fiancé dumped her on Facebook! The book is cleverly and "funnily" written. It's about her summer of drinking and is seriously funny!

Starting this now...more thoughts's my upstairs book.

Starting this's my downstairs book...

Happy Sunday!


  1. You will miss that restaurant if you move! I keep hearing great things about On the Rocks - I need to snag a copy.

  2. I love to hear about the outings you guys take---you love birds! :-)

  3. The cakeandberries looks good, and so does that last book!

  4. Ooh, that restaurant sounds like a place I would have to visit often! Those desserts look so yummy, but small enough that you don't feel too guilty.

    I also love fact, now I think I should have had the salad with salmon at my lunch yesterday.

    I can't wait to read On the is sitting on my coffee table.

  5. I adore salmon. So delish!