Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hmmm...Questions? Yes! A Day Of Questions?

Is it weird to have tuna salad for breakfast? I hope not! I had tuna on toast for breakfast this morning...with my favorite Italian tuna.

What do you think of this rendering of Lucy? My artist friend...Diane De Marco...who did it...calls it "Sinister Lucy"...oh my!

What came next...a snuggle or a fight? Lol...this one is easy!

What book is next?

Are you having a lovely Tuesday?


  1. I've had a busy Tuesday but I did buy a few clothes and one of the tops is less tailored than I normally wear. I actually thought of you when I bought it! lol

    I'd call that painting Sinister Lucy too!

  2. Catching Air looks really good! Lucy, does not. Sorry...she looks...not like Lucy! Yikes!
    I had tuna for breakfast yesterday! That is so funny!

  3. Oh, that rendition of Lucy is definitely sinister! LOL

    I am intrigued by Catching Air. I've read one book by this author, and hope to read another.

  4. Tuna on toast for breakfast sounds great! Yep. Lucy looks scary...lol...