Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wildly Wicked Wednesday! Or Not!

I have both a love and a not love for Groupons...I love them because they are fun...I don't love them when I forget about them until the day of I am forced to get hungry for sushi tonight...because my Groupon expires today! Sigh!

Reading this...loving it...lots of family dysfunction revealed on a two week vacation to Spain...yum!

This needs to be a quiet restful middle of the week...until I have to get dressed for dinner! Lots of reading going on today...chores are done...kitties are sleeping...I think!

Happy Middle Of The Week!


  1. I could never get on the Groupon train. I bought a few. I used as many as I let expire :( Sadly I think this is what they count on.

  2. I adore them. They get me to try places I might now usually.

  3. Life got crazy and I forgot to use the last Groupon I bought. I think that's how they make their money.

  4. Enjoy! I've never used Groupons...something to ponder.

    The kitties look so cozy....

  5. How do you get Groupons?! I love that kitty pic. I think it's my favorite. I'm sooo happy for Roxie. Her dreams came true. ..Yay...