Friday, April 18, 2014

What A Day!

We spent the entire day putting new towel hooks and holders and all kinds of silvery new things in our bathroom...I can't begin to to tell you how long we have debated over this! We have had these since Christmas and we still didn't know what to do with high, how low, over to the left then more to the was exhausting...truly!

Right now I am sipping a very chilled organic Chardonnay...we are all showered, combed, spritzed and sprayed...and a creamy bowl of pasta and peas and fava beans will be dinner! between lulls in the bathroom construction...I reorganized summer clothes...I have bins of clothes in every closet. This took twice as long because I had extra help from my little kitty fashionistas...anything with a tag or drawstring was fair game!

Plus they jump on me to get to the tippy tops of the closets...and seem quite cross when I take them and put them down...oh my! Here they are in deep discussions!


I have not read a word today but I will be reading this! Momentarily...

Then I need something light and fun! Perhaps this "almost" beach book!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend...I think I will take a break until Monday!


  1. Don't get me started on towel bars. When we moved into this house, it had towels bars that I liked plus 3 towel rings that I didn't. I bought towel bars to replace the towel rings and exactly 1 out of the 3 has been replaced. We've been here almost 7 years. I'm looking for a good handyman if you know of one in my area.

    1. Laughing so hard...I love not being the only one in these situations...

  2. Oh, you are so diligent about your projects! I need to do better with my closets....sigh.

    Hope you enjoy the Wiley Cash as much as I did.

  3. We plan to re-do the bathroom this summer. We re-piped last year. I will be glad when it is all over.