Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday! Monday!

My new favorite thing in the world is to sneak off with Den in the middle of the day to see a movie. On Friday we saw Captain America. I have no clue why but these Marvel movies are my faves...I loved this movie...this computer generated destruction of the world kind of movie is my new cup of tea! It was awesome!

And...the best thing ever is there is a new movie like this almost every two weeks!

Next is this...Spider-Man! I freaking loved the one before this one!

Then Godzilla...oh boy! The previews looked scary good!

Then this...

Plus as an added bonus on HBO Sunday night we saw Pacific Rim...more apocalyptic destruction! I loved it!

Then...we realized we did not see the Captain America before the one we just we streamed it through Amazon yesterday and it was awesome!

Still reading reminds me of Beth Revis's work...just a's really good.

These are up next...

Happy Monday!


  1. I know, right?! I plan to see all those movies! It'll be my first time seeing a Spiderman movie. Guardians of the Galaxy looks weirdly goofy, but I'm gonna check it out. I can't wait for all of them.

  2. A friend of mine and I love to see movies in the middle of the day too. We especially love it if we're the only people there.

  3. I remember really loving the Superman movies...and then Ironman. I think that's all of the superhero movies I saw...LOL