Friday, April 4, 2014


Reading this...why is it when the esteemed headmaster ( Arthur Winthrop ) of a private school in Vermont takes shall we put this...special interest in an eighteen year old scholarship student...again...why do we know this is going to lead to...something! Yes...something...creepy, wrong, sinister, secretive...all of these does not share the same bedroom with his wife any more...hmmmmm. All she does is bat a tennis ball around!

This school is like Hogwart's...everyone comes to eat in the dining hall...teachers, students, everyone...breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the headmaster watches Betsy. And I am only pages into the book! But again...I love this kind of it!

I am sort of on schedule with the books I want to read...sort of but...not
I really need to read these next...

I love Elizabeth Haynes mysteries and I cannot wait to read Moth And Spark.

If Den is not around and I give Lucy and Roxie a teeny bite of salt wild the middle of the makes them a rare treat...and I can get a ton of reading done!

Dinner...not at all sure what we are hungry for...which really means what I am hungry of these perhaps?

All are meatless...

I think I am making the top's a creamy tuna/spinach combo stuffed into shells, from Everyday Foods.

Or this...from Can You Stay For Dinner? It's a white bean puttanesca with garlic bread.

Or this three bean chili from...Smitten Kitchen.

Off to watch a Dr. early morning wake up...

Happy Friday!


  1. I wonder if eating a little tuna before I go to bed will help me sleep.

    1. Tuna or turkey should do it or one Advil PM!

  2. Happy Friday! Your posts are always so yummy. :)

  3. You're living the life, girl! That Headmaster story sounds awesome. I love those kinds of tales, too!

  4. The tuna dish looks like comfort food. Love tuna casseroles of any kind.

  5. The tuna meal sounds delicious!

  6. Your dinners look absolutely fabulous! We either eat meatless meals, or fish or chicken, so those appeal to me greatly :)
    The Headmaster's Wife looks intriguing (the other two are already on my wish list). You said all his wife does is play tennis, but the title is named for her, so she is a character to watch in that novel I would assume. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So was just tennis...but much more!

  7. You serve the best foods! I am drooling here....and I think that Headmaster's story sounds tempting.

    I am reading That Night, by Chevy Stevens. Just started it.