Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tackling The Kitchen!

Not my idea...nope not my idea at all...BUT...we are going to dust all of the stuff that is on top of the kitchen my case it's bird houses and other stuff from all over the country. Den has been "yearning" to do this. I think it's a massive of those jobs that once you start leads to something else that has to be done. Sigh!
Probably every bird house needs dusting? Washing? Sigh! So not my thing!
See? And this isn't even all of it...double sigh!

Plus we have a built in kitchen helper to deal with...I know I have mentioned this before but living with a Tonkinese cat (or two) is like living with a two year old forever. This morning Roxie actually carried a pill bottle out of a basket and played with it by tossing it around on the floor...they were Lucy's a childproof Tonk proof bottle. I think Roxie liked the rattling sound! So cute!

Just finished this...different...I loved it!

Loving's sooo good. Rich girl, poor girl...friends...secrets...a family compound.

Off to dust...Happy Saturday!


  1. I have glass stuff on my kitchen cabinets that need washing. Ugh! I hate cleaning the grime off of those well as dusting. You have to move so much stuff. That's my mission for 2moro...the dusting at least...the glass washing will have to wait for another day!

  2. Oh, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that waits for "just the right time" to clean off all those things on the top shelves. I have quite the birdhouse collection, too!

    1. They are too hard to dust...we should just take them outside and hose them down!

  3. I read Dept. of Spec. It was super short but good.