Thursday, March 6, 2014

Minnesota? Stuck In Minnesota?

Den travels to Minnesota quite a bit for work. When he is there he always has meetings that are three hours away from the airport! He rents huge cars, drives for hours to get to his meetings, eats walleye or steaks, drives three more hours back to the airport and comes home! I find it amazing. He isn't even in the same time zone when he is there. Den has literally traveled the world for it seems so funny to me that he spends so much time in Minnesota and that it is such a difficult place to get to! I can't imagine all that driving and his love for walleye! Today he is maneuvering his big car through a snowstorm for his meeting which is three hours away from where he is...then he will drive three hours back to the airport...hop on a plane and come home! Hopefully! He is five states away from his girls right now in very bad weather...oh my!

Read this little gem yesterday...YA...lost love...a was really good!

Reading this now...

Trying to decide about dinner...which Den will be home for...maybe this? A potato broccoli rabe pizza from Food 52?


Happy Reading!


  1. Carl has had to make trips like that before and I'm sure they're no fun.

  2. Men don't seem to mind these things. I hate traveling for work. I've turned down lots of conferences just for that reason. That pizza looks good but after being away, he may want something more substantial. Like bean and cheese tacos with avocado! I have a craving.

  3. I'm in Minnesota! It has been a bad winter. I am so ready for it to be done. Hopefully he won't get stuck here!

    1. He said the road was a white blur but his plane is on time.

  4. I heart Food 52. Hope your honey makes it home safe.

  5. Wow. Driving 3 hrs is no joke! Whew...

  6. I would not enjoy all that driving!

    That pizza looks so yummy....

  7. Sorry his travels in MN are so tough! I have spent a lot of time in MN, as half of my family lives there. It is beautiful to visit in the summer, but the winter can be a bit tougher- it does get super chilly and of course there is the snow. Hope he is safely home with you and the girls. :)