Friday, March 7, 2014

I Seriously Need A Fish Sandwich!

It's the very first Friday in Lent...and the tastes of my childhood are calling to me...

I need a fish sandwich...this comes from my mom...a very devout Mass Daily Catholic (thank goodness the church was a block away because she lived there) and fierce follower of All Rules Lenten...I can hear her in my head...reminding me about meatless Friday! So...there are choices...

McDonald's...this is the one my dad would get us...with French Fries and a milkshake...ugg!

Wendy's? This is a more recent one...and interesting...sort of!

But today's fish adventure is going to lead us to Jake's! Yep...Jake's...home of the Wayback Burger and now this! The million calorie Icelandic Cod sandwich! It's what's for lunch!

Yep...we are going down...also having Jake's homemade potato chips and a real soda...maybe even root beer? OMG! The treadmill as well as Barre Three DVD's are fired up for later today or maybe tomorrow...yeah...tomorrow! Den will opt for a weird flavor milkshake that is malted...yep...milk with fish? Gagging! I won't be able to look at it!

It's a switch from what Den had for lunch!

Den is taking today off after his grueling Minnesota trip and we are going to watch this...probably the last two people on Earth who have not seen it...

Reading this...YA yumminess!

That's our Friday!


  1. The church down the street from me has their famous Fish Fry Fridays going on right now. Of course I can't eat it with all that batter and all but it sounds good. And when I could eat it, I thought the Filet O Fish was pretty darn good.

  2. I had a fish sandwich last week and a divine fish platter that included shrimp and fries for lunch yesterday. Yum!!! Now you've got me going for more. Gosh. I'm such a pig! Lol!!

  3. Love fish and chips!

    Your mother reminds me of my former mother-in-law...and the Kennedys! LOL

    Enjoy your fish sandwich, whatever you decide to eat.

    I actually haven't seen Catching Fire, either, but I did see the Hunger Games.

    1. She always reminded me of Ethel