Friday, March 21, 2014

I Love Being Random!

Lunching out with some old school! It's a fun gastro pub!

Last night's dinner was freaking amazing...this is by far the easiest best lasagna I have ever made...I think using Rao's sauce was the key! Thank you Pinch Of Yum!

See this Merry Go Round? It's from Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio! It's now under the Brooklyn Bridge! My dad would take us to Idora Park almost every Sunday. We rode that, ate foot long hot dogs, dribbled Isaly's ice cream all over us and put pennies in machines in the Penny Arcade! Oh my!

This is the cake I want for my birthday! Except I don't get how baby stuff and thick books go together! Do you? So...Den...skip the rattles and pacifiers! It's from an organic bakery called...The Flour Shop!

Finished this...

Working on this...

Starting this...

Happy Friday!


  1. Those book cakes have children's book titles on them but the books depicted are way thicker than the original ones.

    I want a piece of cake. Real cake with real flour. I tried one bite of cake the other day because my friend had a birthday and picked up a cake from a bakery I used to frequent when I was younger and had a terrible reaction! My kids warned me too.

    My doc the other day suggested I go dairy and grain free too. What the hell will I eat??

  2. I can't wait to hear what you think of The Ring and the Crown. What's it supposed to be about, anyway?

  3. Lovely cake! I see some interesting books you read/are reading--have to check them out. By the way, thanks for posting about that spinach lasagna, looks delicious and I printed out the recipe to save it.

  4. You'll have to let us know if you get that cake for your birthday. If dropping hints on the blog works, I may have to start featuring jewelry.

    1. I really like hint dropping on my!

  5. Whoa. I want to go to that merry go round!!

  6. I want that birthday cake, too. And I don't even celebrate my birthday.

  7. Wow, now I am drooling for cake...I don't have cake very often. I am more of a pie person...but I do love a nice moist and chocolately cake.

  8. That cake looks DELICIOUS! I want some too! It is so beautiful. :) I hope Den gets it for you- without the baby stuff, of course.