Sunday, March 2, 2014


Started this yesterday and I love apparently is the first book in a seven book series by this's the story of Kelsea...the 19 year old Queen of a place called the Tearling. Her Uncle and someone called the Red Queen want her dead...I just finished the first chapter and it is a fast paced, exciting, and fascinating fantasy. It takes place a long time ago but I thought I read somewhere that it takes place after an environmental disaster...I will do more research about this thought. Another amazing thing about this book is that it's not even out yet and I forgot that I had it!

Another huge thank you to Edelweiss!!!

Plus...the rights to all seven books in this fantasy series have already been purchased by Warner Brothers and Emma Watson...Harry Potter's going to be Kelsea! Oh my! I read all of this in an online post from The Guardian.

On another note...we are preparing for another snowstorm! It's supposed to start tonight then change over to snow. But the good news is we are only getting 10 inches! Yahoo!

My amazing hair dude...Kevin doing keratin on my hair today...I have been trying not to get it but...I am so tired of trying to blow dry my hair to a smoothness that I can't achieve...I need keratin...with it my hair stays smooth, sleek and I spend little or no time blow drying it...

The salon was closed quite a few days due to power outages and he is giving up a few of his off days to catch up!'s a Sunday before the snow hits keratin for me!

Waiting for Den to bring us coffee from this new place in town called Philter...I am hooked on their lattes...creamy smooth with just really good pure coffee! Yum!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I was wondering about a Sunday hair appointment. You've made me want keratin!

  2. I love the cover of that book. You've made it sound so good! You live such a charmed life: books, kitties, free time and Den! Lol...You go, PattyCake. :-)

    1. I am so thankful, though! Really truly thankful!

  3. I've never heard of keratin...sounds interesting. So does that coffee...and finding a series that is already going to be a movie. Enjoy!