Sunday, February 9, 2014

We Still Have Electricity!

Yes we do! Friends of mine barely a few miles away still do not have power! That would be 5 days without electricity! Yikes! Everyone I tossing pretty much all of the stuff in our refrigerators and complaining about restocking. Some of the stores near us are out of certain's amazing!

I have a pot of water boiling on the stove for linguini and a pot of sauce's not's Rao's...but I added local exotic mushrooms and organic ground turkey. The store was out of our usual bison!

We spent a quiet day at home and now we are watching a blizzard of snow! Here we go again!

Reading this...kind of girly...kind of good...a little bit of magic!

We have not had a good's been sad and depressing...Den's dad...who has been so strong into his 90's...began to fail rapidly during the last few weeks...he was the last parent we had left...all of our Colorado trips during the last few years have been to see him. When he was well...we would always take him out for martinis and wine and great steak dinners. He loved to sip a really good Scotch. He loved food. Dinners with him would last forever because he loved to eat slowly. He loved oysters. He loved a bargain. We once took him for a birthday dinner at an amazing steak house in Denver...Del Frisco's. We sat and talked for was wonderful and memorable. He would play with our cats endlessly and even make toys for them. Once when we were visiting him...with kitties...we came in to find him herding the cats in his back yard...our indoor kitties...not Lucy and Roxie...who had never been outside in their entire lives! Needless to say...they loved Grandpa! Soon after that he became lost while driving, forgetful, and confused. He has been stable for a long time but sort of not stable for awhile. He was beginning to not know Den, he was quiet, began losing weight, didn't want to get out of bed.

Ultimately...while we were at our hotel last Thursday...he died sad...

So...we needed a little lift last night so we took ourselves out to dinner. This martini...a really good one...was for grandpa!

Den's of those good guys! He made it to 94!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Den's dad. What a sad time for y'all.

  2. Such a sadness... so sorry for your loss. Love the story of him herding your indoor kitties in the back yard.

    1. Yes...they had fun...I had a heart attack.

  3. My sympathies on your loss Patty, I'm sure he appreciated the time you spent with him.

  4. Patty, my condolences, and deepest sympathies sending to you and Dennis at this time of sorrow! It's always hard to lose a parent...regardless of the age. Your father-in-law lived a beautiful long life, blessed with happiness from all of you who cared and loved him. May he rest in peace!

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like an awesome dude.

    Magical and girly? Sounds like my kind of book.