Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here We Go Again!

I am charging up everything I own...prepping for whatever snow, ice or wind gusts that will come my way...books are downloaded...headlamps in drawers...I am as ready as I can be...this headlamp was my survival last week...I can not go through this again...I pray that the power stays on...tonight is when the snow starts falling! And falling...and falling...and falling.


New yummy books...I truly love NetGalley!

If I don't have power I am going to have my very own I won't have anything else to do!

Happy Reading!


  1. It is still snowing here and I am so over it I could scream. They're saying it could be record breaking snowfall. I don't know how people cope with this year after year after year. I hope your power stays on too.

  2. I couldn't stand the tension, the anticipation...wondering if the power would be on or off. It's good that you are preparing yourself, though.

    I'm sure my batteries are probably almost dead....our power doesn't go off very often, but I need to have extra batteries!

    1. I am powered up...I will read all day long under the covers!