Thursday, February 6, 2014

Did You Miss Me? I Missed You!

No showers, no hot coffee, no comfort, no warmth, no entertainment, and no warmth...did I say no warmth? Den was away...the day before the power went out...and...the power went out at 5:17AM Wednesday morning...he did not get home until almost 10 last night. We still have no power but we do have a generator that scares us. Right now the temps in the house are around 40 degrees. Trees are down everywhere...nothing around us is open. I used up every inch of battery power in my Laptop, my iPad, my Kindle and my Gameboy DS...I wore a hat and mittens for 12 hours...I cried...I admit it...I sat in a heap and cried my eyes out.

I am still totally miserable and want to move anywhere where power lines are underground!

Two good things...I read this book...which is freaking amazing...seriously...a mystery that took me by surprise! I am talking as good as The Silent Wife...The Husband's Secret...Gone Girl good.

And these two did this! Look at Roxie's teeny foot on Lucy!

Stay warm! I am trying to...


  1. Yes I did miss you! I had a feeling you must be one of the ones with no power! Hope it comes on soon. Wish I could run my kerosene heater over for you.

  2. Oh my word. You poor dear. We lost power for 5 hours the other night and I was ready to evacuate. I can't hack the extra cold with Baby Whimsy. We were about to leave when we saw the work trucks. It kicked back on at 1:30am.

    Stay warm sugar!

  3. Yikes! Come move down here. Our power lines are underground and in the 6 and a half years we've lived here, we've only been without power for 20 minutes.

  4. Oh, wow, I did wonder where you were....I didn't even think about power outages, but I am really freaked out by them! Even if they are "planned" outages, like we used to have here in the late 1990s. They called them rolling blackouts.

    We don't have them very often...knock wood. And the rolling blackouts seem to be a distant memory.

    I hope your power comes back soon! That book looks good, and comparing it to The Silent Wife, etc., piques my interest.

  5. Oh no, I hope it's getter warmer and the electricity comes back on soon!