Friday, January 24, 2014


I am finally shoveled out...and Den is home from his travels! He got home at 2 in the morning and is at work now! Wow! He spent most of yesterday in here! Whatever it's pretty cool...I think it's a library of some kind!

Bought this...could not resist! The description says that this is the book you will want to give to all of your girl friends! Yum!

Want to make these for Super Bowl Day...this recipe is from one of my favorite blogs...iwashyoudry. Little teensie shrimps taco bites! Yum!

Did you know that yesterday was National Pie Day? I want to make this!
Another fave blog called Cookie Madness has this recipe and nine more! Double yum!
I think this is a lemon fave!

My new these!

Yummy new books to review...

Reading spite of hating to not read books in a series in the order that they are written...I skipped two and hit this's so good...but you have to love British books and quirky 11 year olds who are poor, live in a crumbling mansion, are motherless, have two weird older sisters and a damaged father. Oh...and a chicken for a pet...yep...a chicken!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love how Uggs are getting less ugly! Lol!! Recently I've seen some in aqua blue with three bows across the pretty. The new addition of bows regardless of the color, makes them so much more feminine--did I spell that right?! It looks weird! Ha! Sarah Addison Allen books always seem to have magical realism in them. I have a couple on the shelf I'm still waiting to get to. The covers of the "garden party" books above look so delicious.

  2. I will have to ask Vance if he approves of your Uggs - I think they're adorable!

  3. I missed national pie day! I'm crushed. I adore pie. Snowy cold day tomorrow maybe baking a pie...

  4. I guess I'll have to go to Marie Callender's! That pie is making my mouth water....