Monday, January 20, 2014

The Book That Got Me Through Play Off Games!!!

Love this has everything I needed to shut out the screaming and shouting and drama that went on yesterday during all the football fuss! And that was just from Den! At one point I was so absorbed in the characters and their issues that I didn't even know the game was over and that the Broncos won! Sorry, Den!

Here is why...

This book has...a mean cheating husband...that would be Brad. This book also has the loveliest sweetest wife ever...that would be Lily. She has always been the "perfect" wife but she has always done things Brad's way. When she discovers that he is cheating, she abruptly leaves and heads to Madrona Island in Washington. Her grandmother died and left her an inn and that is where she goes! There is also a fascinating interesting man on the ferry on the way to Madrona Island...that would be Ian...sigh! Ian...piercing blue eyes, an artist and a sad history...double sigh.

Sometimes I just need a book like this was so lovely and yet there was enough
mean manipulating "Brad" behavior going on to make me silently scream at Lily to get a backbone! Loved all the stuff going on with her.

There are also other lovely island characters...neighbors and old friends of Lily's grandmother to make this island feel so real! Lily's background involves cooking...beautiful, masterful baking and creating...the foods and wines in this book made me crazy! There are even a few recipes at the end of the book. Cookies, frittatas, and more...

Lily shares her life with island restaurant owner...and Kyla...a tea shop owner. What's awesome about this is that the author is working on a book for each of them! It seems that lots of people with deep dark secrets find their way to Madrona Island. Lily gains strength and belief in herself...she realizes that becoming close to Ian won't take her new found strength away from her. Hmmm...

One interesting fact I learned while reading this book...there are really Madrona/Madrone trees...and...they always reach their branches to the sun. While doing some of my own personal research I found out that they are messy trees...always dropping pods and things. I was also looking at real vacation rentals. I think that the closest places to Madrona Island might be Vashon Island or Vancouver...but I am still searching.

The trees...

This book won't be for everyone, of course...and it's not perfect...but...I loved the places, the characters, the secrets and this author's writing style. And because of this book...I need to know more about Jude...and Kyla...and Ryan...yep...Ryan!

I think I just may have a giveaway of the real book...I will let you know tomorrow!

Up next for me...a yummy fantasy based on the Snow Queen...just now reading the first few pages...

Happy reading!


  1. The book sounds good but I can't believe the game didn't distract you! Both of the Super Bowl teams have a Hokie playing for them. :)

  2. I'll be entering that giveaway! The book sounds delightful. There are trees with that name, but does a real town of the same name exist? It's a great book cover too!

  3. I do that, too, Patty...yell at the characters when they are doing silly things! lol

    I love the setting, too; Washington has so many lovely spots...the islands are gorgeous.

  4. Oh my...I had to watch the games! How could i not??