Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow...And Lots Of It!

It's absolutely beautiful outside and everything is covered in snowed all night long!

It's also scary cold outside...all I can hear are dueling snowblowers! Life in the burbs!

House is tidied...floors vacuumed...girls are day is clear...I will work out in a bit but right now...

I have a need to read!

I have to find out why these terrible killings are happening! I also need to find out why Detective Hicks doesn't really like his pregnant wife any more. I need to discover what the creepy yet lovely handmade candles have to do with anything. This book is making me crazy! Really truly crazy!

This happened last night! A major breakthrough! It helped that for the first time ever Roxie sort of shimmied up to Lucy instead of somersaulting into her and often over her. Lucy reacted sweetly! They didn't fight until 10 minutes!

Happy Day!


  1. It was 23 with a windchill of 13 when I walked this morning so I can only how cold it is there. Stay warm!

  2. We had a snowstorm. Bill drove through it all the way to Maine. Incedible. I couldn't.
    Your girls are so cute.

  3. I'm cold just reading about it!

    Love how Lucy and Roxie are becoming BFFs.

  4. We have lots of snow here too and it is SUPER cold! Stay warm and it is awesome to see the girls cuddling. :)


  5. Look at that winter time cuddle and tenderness. Yay!