Saturday, January 25, 2014


It is amazing! It's snowing again! I kind of still love it as long as Den is here to help me deal with it... love love my new salon...appropriately called Polished! I opted for pale plus glitter for the next two weeks...then red for Valentine's Day!

Remember my new Uggs? Yesterday Uggs sent me another duplicate pair! By! I just called them and they are baffled!

Negotiations this morning...Roxie really wanted Lucy's attention!

Den stepped in as mediator!

Just finished this...I just love Flavia de Luce...this series is exceptional!

Starting this...based on a fairy tale...oooooh!

Dinner...sushi and ice cream! Yum! We are staying in tonight and I love it!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I wish Mr. Whimsy was home today. Boooo he had to work.

    The snow is pretty but I'm so over it.

    LOVE the nails. You can't go wrong with clear and glitter.

  2. Bill is driving right behind your storm, headed for PA. I am hoping February will be dry and have normal temperatures, for everyone.

  3. So cozy, those Uggs! And I love the whole mediation thing....

    I have bared my nails for awhile, except for a neutral polish...then they will be purplish again.

  4. It is so cold here, I can hardly stand it but I'm thankful the white stuff has stayed away.

    About the Uggs, what size shoe do you wear? lol

  5. On my toes I love a bright color but I always have pale fingernails. Usually a nude color.