Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's selfie day! Lol! We are slap happy around here prepping for snow! We can't wait! I think...unless we lose power and then it won't be fun any more!

We spent yesterday freaking out because Lucy had a huge lump under her chin...all of a sudden. We are all just back from the vet's...Lucy had an infected hair follicle...she is fine...on antibiotics...and grumpy with her I have to give her a blood pressure pill, a teensy bit of phenobarbital because we are weaning her off of it and an antibiotic twice a day...for ten days! She runs from me whenever I even look at her!


As promised!

Bad hair day selfie...

Cute Roxie Blue selfie...

Grumpy Lucy selfie...

My first book of the year is so awesome...I can't stop reading!

Happy Snow Day!

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  1. It's just a rain day here. I'd run from you too, if I were Lucy.

  2. Glad Lucy's lump was okay! Scary! I can understand why she is running from you- even though you are trying to help her. :)

    Hope you don't lose power and that you get the snow you want.

  3. That's a bad hair day? I'm glad there is no web cam on my computer now...mine is twisted up into a knot...with bits flying about....that's a bad hair day!

    I just finished reviewing The Rosie good! Hope you like it, too.

    I'll be watching for your Murder Code review.

  4. Know the feeling! I remember all the strategy I had to employ to give Boozie her daily meds. We had to close all bedroom doors so she wouldn't have an escape route! Ha!

  5. We got snow yesterday, too. Now it's just cold.