Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Over My Uggs!

I think it snowed all night long...really truly! It's breathtakingly beautiful outside and utterly freezing cold! When I walked outside yesterday...just to see the snow up close and feel the snow up close...the snow filled my Uggs...not venturing out today at all!

Finishing should be a new children's classic. If I was still teaching I would read it aloud to my stages...they would beg and plead to hear just one more chapter...then I would have sent them to their seats to write their thoughts about Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy...and the Misery Bird and the ghosts and the owl and the wizards and the museum curator and the snow lions and the super!

I am totally now in the mood for books with quirky British heroines of a tender age. So...enter Flavia de Luce! I love these books. I have the bottom one to review but I can't read books out of order and I can't remember if I read this one...I don't think I have so it us up next. If you have not read these books...oh my...they are truly wondrous. Flavia is my favorite quirky kind of character...misunderstood...just a bit annoying...precocious to a fault!

Making this today...this is Italian Wedding Soup and this recipe is from The Kitchn...
The meatballs I am making are going to be made from freshly ground turkey and I am adding chicken. I need to smell this chicken soup simmering away today!

Happy Snow Day To Me!


  1. I don't think I have made soup at all this winter. It looked gloomy yesterday but was still 82 degrees so nope, no soup weather yet.

  2. Ophelia just showed up here yesterday. You've made me anxious to read it! I talked about getting Uggs earlier this winter and Vance threatened me if I did but, I swear, it's cold enough to wear them right now. Thankfully we don't have snow. Stay warm!

  3. I hear ya. It's -2 here. I'm SO not going anywhere. Good thing I have the Bennet's to keep me company. (listening to P&P)

  4. We didn't get much snow this time around, but it is so cold outside. I hate it.

  5. I have to read Ophelia now. You got a lot of snow. We have a lot because it snows every day. Really. And we are subzero, too. *sigh*

  6. What a cozy day! Except for the part when snow got in your

    Soup and books! Yay!