Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oh My!

I am not sure what to do about today! There is no football! None? Oh...sorry...there is something called the Pro Bowl? But I am not sure that is something we turns out to be a calming day before next Sunday...Super Bowl Sunday. There will be tons of orange jerseys displayed, a beloved helmet set in front of the TV, screaming, cheers, shouts of joy and sorrow, brotherly phone calls from here to Denver and Denver to here, moans and wails about why did he ever leave, and that would be all from Den! I am mentally preparing for this...if I can. It is what it is. I have two choices...I can stay and watch in shock and awe or I can go upstairs. Usually I read and just watch Den in shock and awe. He makes Lucy nervous because he is up and down and screaming and shouting. Roxie...she is a Super Bowl sure how she will handle the fuss.

Roxie is so tiny that none of Lucy's hoodies fit her. She also isn't into wearing things the way Lucy is...I need to find her something orange for next Sunday's official Super Bowl photo...hmmm...

Reading this...really sister in a set of twins is forced to marry someone she despises in order to save her twin...tons of resentment's YA and I am just getting into it...

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the photo of Lucy and Den. Adorable. I can't wait to what you come up with for Roxie!

  2. I totally get Den's football antics!

  3. it safe to say Den goes all out for Super Bowl? My daughter is just as bad as the guys...probably because she has three older brothers....

    Lucy in the orange hoodie is adorable...