Monday, January 13, 2014

I Can See!

I love our eye doctor...he is so sweet and so kind and so patient...I am trying out different combinations of contacts so that I can stop using reading glasses...I think the ones I am wearing now are working...I can read an actual book...and switch to my iPad or Kindle without an issue! I may even be able to chop veggies and do other kitchen prep without putting on reading glasses!

I feel free! So

This book is making me crazy! Y is having sex with this man all over London! Yikes! She doesn't know what he does, he calls her when he wants to and she seems to willingly do everything he asks her to do. At the beginning of the story she is on trial...and so is he...whomever he's so good! I did not read Fifty Shades Of Gray so I don't have anything to compare Y and her "friend" to...but...this book is a sort of steamy mystery? Not overly steamy so far but still slightly steamy? And the shock factor is that she is 52 and a scientist and married...oh my!

I kind of hope the sexual stuff stays where it is now...I am a product of Catholic now I am thinking I am kind of one of my blogger friends didn't warn am's not that steamy...hmmm!

Off to plan is to finish this today!

Happy Monday!


  1. I hope the contacts continue to work for you!

  2. I thought for sure my doc was going to switch up my RX the last time I saw him but he said my eyes were still adjusting to reading okay. I dread the change to bi-focals though because I get so nauseous which subtle lens changes.

    1. That's what my contacts are...bifocussed! Lol!

  3. That's great about the contacts. I find myself wearing my glasses more often than I'd like simply because some things I can't do with my contacts. I'm thinking about trying reading glasses with the contacts, but haven't done it yet.

  4. I need bifocals but they're so expensive I told the dr I'll just take my glasses off when I need to read! Ha!

  5. It's good to see!

    And I forgot to mention how steamy the sex scenes are in this book....I was amazed, too, but especially because of their age...and the places where they "'hooked up." LOL