Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day!!! Really Big Game Day!!!

This is how we prep for today's big game...and for this's a big game day whenever the Broncos play! Go Peyton! I actually reread this and it sounds as though I know what I am talking about but I still don't understand how just saying Omaha can mean so many things! Sigh!

So...back to game day prepping...


More napping...

Headband trying on...

Pensive thinking...

Trying on glasses...

Did I say napping?

Reading's about a broken marriage, an inherited inn and lots of baked goods!
It's an incredibly relaxing book to read today.

Making...homemade baked beans in the slowcooker...this recipe is from Serious Eats but it was taken from a cookbook called Lighten Up, America.
Our house smells so yummy!

Den is very excited about having these with our organic nitrate sulfite free hot dogs but the timing has to fit the Bronco game...sigh! I usually am really gracious about Den's needs and wants when the Broncos play...he will either be deliriously happy or...devastatingly sad...sigh!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Homemade beans are so yummy! I love to have them with gluten free cornbread.

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    2. Thank you! We both love it! Lol!!!

  3. I had book club at my house at 1:00 today. It broke up shortly after 3:00 because one of our members had to get home to see the Broncos play.

  4. Love the headband! My daughter is a Broncos fan, too. Enjoy the beans!

  5. How can you ever go wrong with franks and beans?!? I love that headband. I'm a headband aficionado. I wear one everday. Roxie sure loves your Kindle!

  6. Bill is a Broncos fan. I am assuming that Den is thrilled. Bill is. SUPERBOWL BOUND!