Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Sometimes there is nothing like reading a book of of my favorite books last year was this one...

It was everything anyone could possibly want in a fantasy including a girl heroine! It isn't even out yet but I can't wait for Book Two...the author is a total sweetie pie...a of those teachers that everyone loves...and wants to emulate. I know his students adore him...I would love to be in class with him.

So...this year I wanted to start out with another amazing fantasy and I had this to read from Amazon Vine.

It started off...for me...kind of takes me a bit to get used to the names...the Artauchy of Aygrima is the place. There are black masked Watchers, weird foods...Mara, the major character, loves mashed redroots. Mara is tested every few years to see if she can see magic. When she is 15 she has a masking ceremony. Her father is the chief Mask Maker and is secretively making her mask. Mara is told that wearing a mask does not change a person...but...this may not be true.

Anyway...on her big masking day...after a day of manis, pedis, and pampering...the masking goes horribly wrong. When this happens the rejects get tossed into a nightmarish prison...that's where I am now and I could barely put my real book down to write this! I am about to find out if Mara escapes...if she has magic...and much more! I love this book...

I am looking forward to a day of fantasy! I might just make a fantastic dinner...or!

Have a wonderful day!

Roxie Blue has claimed my iPad...moments after I snapped this Lucy bopped her on the head!

Is this a form of kitty peek a boo?


  1. The Thickety looks great! I'm heading to Goodreads to add it to my list right now. :)

  2. I hope you enjoy your fantasy! I know that book's not for me. Stay warm!

  3. The Thickety has such a beautiful cover and the story sounds fabulous. I love a good fantasy and I have added it to my list! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Now I'm curious about these books!

    Love those kitty pix...sweet!

    1. You might like reading The Thickety to Noah...

  5. All this mask talk reminds me of that Twilight Zone story where that mean family all put on masks and when they took them off, their faces had changed to the image of the ugly masks! Go Roxie!

  6. Was it warm? Like a little pink heating pad? :)