Friday, January 17, 2014


How in the world can you not love a cowboy...last night we saw Michael Martin Murphey...


Here he is his free spirit days.

Here he is his cowboy gear...which I think is the way he dresses all of the time!

He is truly a cowboy! I am not even sure when his most famous song was popular. It was called "Wildfire"'s about a girl, a horse, and a hoot owl! It's the only song of his I know. He sang it last night and it still brought tears to my eyes. It was lovely. I have only bought it on iTunes and listened to it on YouTube 20 or 30 times since last night. Plus I listened to him sing it at all ages of his life...I truly can be obsessive.

Only about 40 people came to hear him. The venue for him kept getting smaller and smaller but he said that when his agent called to tell him how small this event would be...and asked if he wanted to cancel...he said no because a cowboy never goes back on his word. That's why I love cowboys! Totally...

It turned out to be a lovely intimate evening. He shared stories, he is a rancher and an advocate for farmers. I was captivated listening to his voice and his stories. was a beautiful evening. Plus I tried a new drink called a Scarborough Fair...yum!

Tequila, lime, rosemary syrup, soda...icy and delicious!

Den...originally from Colorado...where Michael Martin Murphey has his horse ranch...loved the stories...the cowboy hat, the guitar, the boots, plus I could sense him staring at me every time Michael Martin Murphey mentioned Colorado...sigh!

So...I guess the man can leave Colorado but the inner cowboy is always there!

Trying to imagine him in a cowboy hat! Yahoo!

Happy Start Of The WeekEnd!


  1. An intimate setting like that makes it sound even more fun! Was everyone as dressed up as Den?

    1. No! But now I want a horse

  2. I know that song! And love it. I never knew who sang it, though. You always go see the coolest people. And there's Dapper Den, of glad you guys went. Michael M. Murphy came through for his true believers. Awesome!

  3. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow has left a new comment on your post "Cowboys!!!":

    Very enticing! The setting, the cowboy...and the tequila!

  4. I was a Freshman in H.S. when Wildfire came out! Does Den wear western boots? That is all Bill has ever worn and still does.