Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brrr! In Fact...Double Triple Brr!

I truly do not think I have ever seen it so cold here! It's amazing! It's freezing! It's really cold! I stepped out onto the deck to put nuts on the railing so Roxie could have fun watching the squirrels and it sounded as though the deck was cracking! Very scary!

I have tidied bathrooms, done laundry and now I am snuggled back in bed with a book, two Tonks, and a Doctor Who on in the background...not the old black and white Doctor Who ( never even knew about those ) but the cool fun exciting new Doctor Who...Matt Smith...I think! Also the Doctor Who before him...David Tennant. My Doctor Who addiction to these two...is deep...very deep!

I even love all of the specials about The Doctor! Watching one now...did you know that Neil Gaiman wrote some of these?

Reading this...three wives and one very dead husband plus lovely writing make this a very good book!

Thinking of what to make for dinner that would be warming. Perhaps this?
It was on Foodista...a foodie blog of course...photo from Zomppa. It's called Spicy Singapore Rice! Yum!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's cold here too, but nothing like it is there. I'm amazed that our heat has not run all the time. I put the recycling out this morning and our deck sounded like it was cracking too. Stay warm!!

  2. Umm...that rice looks good! Cold. Yes! Double Brr...

  3. It is super chilly here, too! Brrr! So glad it isn't this cold all the time. :)

    Hope you had something warm for dinner. It sounds like you had a nice day inside.

  4. I like snuggling in bed when it's cold, although our "cold" is nothing like yours. That dinner looks yummy...and I can't wait to read A Circle of Wives.

  5. Makes you wonder how folks survived in the old days before heating doesn't it?