Thursday, January 16, 2014


Bigamy...who knew? And...get's with the first wife's approval! So far...this is a very interesting book!

New books! I love new books!

Look at this one...described on Amazon as "an imaginary story of a woman caught in an alternate world-where she will learn the skills of magic to survive" this kind of book...and I finally bought it. Plus I love the cover! It's about this grad student...sort of plain and ordinary...dumped by her boy toy...who finds herself in an alternate world where she gets to be beautiful and of course has to learn magic to find her way out!

From Edelweiss...

Goodreads says this..."a 14 year old runs away and her parents turn to social media to find her-launching a public campaign that exposes all of their darkest secrets"...

This one is the sequel to The Beach House...

This one is all about dum...murder! I have read and loved this author's other books!

This one..."an irreverent story of family, love, friendship and lobsters! And it takes place in Maine! Yum! Love this cover! any of these books look interesting to you?

Happy reading!


  1. A Circle of Wives is about bigamy?! I'll have to look for that - I'm fascinated by bigamy for some odd reason.

  2. Umm...the magic book and Don't Try to Find me sound really intriguing. I love the covers of all of them. Thought the Beach House was by Hillderbrand---I hope I have her name right---you know, the Nantucket author!

  3. Such a great list of're like a 'walking library'...that's how I am with my cookbooks; no wonder I rarely use recipes from the Internet!

  4. Yes, "Don't Try to Find Me", and "What Strange Creatures" look interesting. I also liked Emily Arsenault's writing. I will have to find these! Thanks!

  5. Ooh, The Thinking Woman's Guide Real Magic and Don't Try to Find Me are definitely going on my to be found and read list! ;)

  6. I just started A Circle of Wives, and I'm enjoying it so far. I like the look of Don't Try to Find Me. Enjoy!

  7. Lots of these look interesting to me! I am curious about The Circle of Wives. I don't recall ever reading a book on this topic and it sounds fascinating. I LOVE the cover of The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic and the description is intriguing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'd definitely add the first three to my wishlist, thanks for sharing!

  9. That one beach book looks good. I have a thing for beach houses in books.