Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bits And Bobs!

Funny kitties...

Winner...winner...chicken dinner...tonight! From Barefeet In The Kitchen!

Want these...Eileen Fisher and Nordstom...

Want this...not my usual Outfitter...

Carrots? Roasted carrots and feta from Serious Eats! Making these tonight...

Favorite lip pencil to get me to Spring! Color...Luxembourg! Satiny and moisturizing!

Favorite adds a hint of color! Den and I both use these!

Reading now...both are very good! Really good! Intensely good! I forgot how much I love to read books by this author!

Another YA and a new author for me...

Roxie stared at this for a very long then made her move!

Happy Reading, Working, Lunching or Playing!


  1. Great choice of readings...yummy chicken...and such 'girlie-girls'...sooo cute!
    I mentioned on a reply to you on my blog that I hope you find a house, close to me to rent. (Although, in this area they only rent the shortest time, probably one month, which will cost more than 3 months)

  2. I love roasted carrots. I never though of adding feta to them.

  3. I love that top. Roxie is such a cutie.

  4. Food looks sooo's a good thing I've already eaten!

  5. She obviously wants a color to match your bracelet. I am surprised you haven't made one up yet for each of them.

    1. Lol...maybe they each already have one...