Friday, January 31, 2014

A Few More Bits And Bobs!

Reading's a lovely, deep, dark compelling book about a man on death row ( York ) and the ex priest and The Lady...what she is called...who want to save him. The author is one of those authors whose words are so beautiful that even while I am reading about all of the sad things that formed York...I remain sort of mesmerized by the writing. Oh...and making everything difficult is that York does not want to be saved...he wants to die.

I am reading a lot this week but with way too many starts and stops...
Started and stopped this...but it's really good and I will pick it up again later today...

Still have not started's the kind of book I love to save for a plane, car or train trip.

And this...I know it's good...I just need to work it in the's in the queue but I started and stopped it. My bad...I hate when I do this!

Did you know that normally cats sleep a lot? I am discovering that mine do not...sleep very much. Yesterday...Roxie was up all, running, literally waiting for me to play...she even ran into a wall!
Thank goodness we have a lot of house for her to fly through! The only thing that gets her quiet is if I let her into our big master closet. For some reason seeing all of my clothes calms her...just like it does for me! Lol...

Here she is poking Lucy!

She walked around the TV 25 times before she listened to me asking/telling her to get down! Oh my!

Lucy just puts up with it...sometimes! Other times...not so much!

Happy Friday!


  1. I have Lydia's Party. It's not really a book you'd expect me to read but I felt in love with that cover.

  2. Omigosh, your cat is hyper. We started giving my dog melatonin at night because his pacing, with those claws tap-tap-tapping the hardwood floor in our bedroom where he must sleep or he's in agony, drove us CRAZY. It worked! I am madly in love with Isabel Allende. Must read that book! My copy of The House of the Spirits disappeared and I'm so mad!!!

  3. So Roxie has a naughty streak. She sounds like my kind of cat! She is adorable.

  4. The Enchanted sounds like a great book- with lots going on. Awesome that the writing is so enchanting. :)

  5. I have my eye on Lydia's Party, does look so tempting! Cute pictures of the girls....