Saturday, December 28, 2013


Planning a relaxing day...

Getting a pedicure soon...then I get to watch Den organize his closet! He does this when he puts away his new Christmas clothes.

Girls are discussing their Saturday plans...

I am looking at my bracelet...

Still reading...this...filled with sad dysfunction...

Planning on staying home tonight...chicken and salad for dinner...the movie on HBO tonight is Warm has a three star we shall see...if it's not good there is always my new addiction...Doctor Who!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 27, 2013

What A Fun Day!

We had a lovely day...we had to trek to KOP...King of return a few things.

Easy peasy!

We ventured into the Pandora store to make sure my Christmas bracelet was sized properly and to add a few charms. I have gone from thinking I never wanted one of these bracelets to a severe addiction of acquiring charms that tell a story...the story of me!

Lol...these are my two far!

Then we went to lunch...yum! We had trout and salmon with lovely grilled veggies. This was a new restaurant for us and we loved it. Their specialty is various flat crispy breads. And...desserts in little cups!

Reading had mixed reviews but it's the kind of book I love!

Still mesmerized with Doctor Who...there was a marathon this was fabulous!

Happy Friday Night!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


I think I love the day after Christmas even more than Christmas!

It's snowing and it is beautiful!

This is the scene from the deck...

This is the scene from the sofa...Lucy is preparing to jump up on my Santas yet again!

We stopped her in the nick of!

We are planning on spending the entire day at home...maybe a dash out into the snow...for a walk and a few snow angels! Making sauce later to have with Whole Foods fresh ravioli! Yum!

Most of the day will be spent reading and watching movies and watching Den try on his Christmas stuff! The girls and I love this part! Lol...

Happy Day After Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

My newest Santa!

My sincerest holiday wishes to all of my lovely blogger buddies! I appreciate you all so much! I learn from you each and every day! I respect you! I love what you write!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It Truly Does Look, Feel, And Smell Like Christmas!

The tree...

The presents...

More presents...

The crowds at Whole Foods at 8:30 this morning...

Seeing Santa on the way home...

Hanging stockings...

Seeing who wears it better...

Mailing...finally...our Christmas cards...

Someone downstairs wrapping presents for me...oh boy...

Dinner tonight is a combination of foods from our childhood Christmas Eve celebrations...we are having pierogi, sautéed cabbage...the ruffled kind...Savoy, I think...and shrimp cocktail! My Polish grandma would make pierogis all day long...filled with potatoes and cheese, my Italian grandmother would make Seven Fishes...the Italian feast. The cabbage is for Den because according to google...that is served on Christmas Eve if you are Hungarian! Ethnic eating can be have to sort of sift through the dishes to find things you like!

Pierogis are so delicious, though, soft doughy pillows stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. You have to sauté them in butter and sweet caramelized onion to get them crispy and delicious! Of course...Whole Foods has yummy artisanal ones...I only need to pop them in a pan!

Happy Christmas Eve! We are praying for snow on our drive to church early tomorrow morning!

Monday, December 23, 2013

No More Ribbon!

Today was wrapping day...otherwise known as trying to outwit two crazed Tonkinese cats

I thought that I had a masterful plan. We don't use curly ribbon ever...Lucy will eat it and die. We assumed Roxie would do the same thing! Bows are out...they pop them off and carry them away. For Christmases past I bought fabric ribbon and tied simple bows...unfortunately that bin is still in the crawlspace and we are binned out.

So...I used brown craft paper and Japanese masking tape...and tags...I thought it was a fab idea. I went off to a hair appointment...when I got home Den told me that Roxie spent her afternoon untaping my packages! Oh my!

What to do?
They are partners in crime! Usually Lucy watches and looks innocent...Roxie is too little to know any better!

Happy wrapping!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Stay At Home Sunday!

Yesterday was exhausting! We rarely go into our little town but we spent a few hours there yesterday. It was so much fun!

Hair, nails, lunch, coffee, sushi! All in town! Whew!

Love my nails...the color is called!

It seriously looks like a driveway with sparkles! Lol! We had "wild game" chili and salads for lunch...the wild game was elk and so good...I had to stop being an almost vegetarian to eat it...

Coffee was here...I had the best creamy latte ever! It's at a brand new place called Philter! Get it? Philter! I think I am getting the "Christmas Crazies"...

 zipped off to church and to the store to grab a few provisions. I can't find my cookie cutters...they are still in boxes in the basement from the kitchen remodel!
So I am making these! Sugar cookies without rolling them out! These are from a site I love called...PureWow! The recipe is simple and they get sliced and baked and iced and munched!

And I am making these...and that's it for me for holiday baking. These are crispy edged chocolate chippers from Serious Eats! Yum!

Reading this still...I can't tell because it's on my Kindle but it must be a huge book!
What I do know us that it is so relaxing to just read a book without thinking about writing a review! Oh...I have to review it but...I am not thinking about! This book is a translation...but other than the twenty letter names of towns...the story and the set up are so smooth...I love every word. It's the Snow White Must Die author and I read and loved that one, too!

The rest of our day is breakfast, lunch, dinner and football!

Happy Almost Christmas!