Saturday, August 31, 2013


Mowing, weeding, watering...isn't it time for the grass to stop growing? Den is going to be really busy today!

Lucy and Roxie and I are busy doing inside things...laundry, resting and reading! Lol! We might manage to make Den lunch...we shall see!

It's a muggy dreary about to rain day here. It's why Den is not fond of East Coast living...too many days without blue skies! Sigh!

This book is so good...Gen has been told her baby was dead at birth...but years later she is told that her baby was alive and taken from her...from this point on in the book everyone is sinister...not a book to read in a relaxing manner! I can't stand it!

Happy Reading!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sun? Where Are You?

This has been a gray and dreary weak. No sun...lots of's not fun sitting outside at is uncomfortably steamy.

It's an inside day with the air conditioning running. Yet again...sigh! It's what I call a gray day.

Finished good...literally I could not put it down...a psychotic evil road stop killer...a race to find him...two awesome dogs named Grace and Bolo...loved this book!

Finished this...a 500 page family tragedy but oh so good...loved every page!

Plus I am only reading one book again! Hurray! This one! Just started this...more thoughts about it later.

Tonight's plans? Not sure I want any plans...after 5 days of this weather I am in a funky funk of a mood. I either want summer back or fall to start. I hate this in between stuff!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Foggy, Muggy, Soupy Day!

It is miserable outside...wet, foggy, hot and steamy! And I am still making soup for dinner...this one! It's called Slow Cooker Enchilada soup...when it's done it will be topped with sour cream, fresh cilantro, grated cheese and crisp tortilla chips. Yummy! The recipe is from The Kitchen...I love the recipes there!

Read this...strongly disliked it...have you ever thought you were going to love a book and then you just didn't? This is that book for me. I don't think I even "got" this book at all.

Now I am reading all of these...and it's so unlike read more than one book at a time...I have no clue how this happened but I was too lazy to go downstairs and grab my other I started this one.

And I am only reading this one the family room or sunroom...not sure why...

This one...kind of by accident but I love it and want to finish it. This one formatted weirdly on my I can only read it on my IPad. So when my iPad is charging I am forced to read something else.

But I am never doing this three book thing again. It's not that I can''s surprisingly easy to manage...I just don't like it. I feel as though I am in a race to see which book gets finished first.

Off to make soupy soup!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Soon Soup? Fall Stuff!

I love making soups...truly I do...can't wait to try these...Chicken Tortilla Soup from a Table For Two.

This one is sort of filled with White Beans And Greens from Jennie Cooks. I love that red enamel soup bowl!

This one is called Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup! Yum! It's from The Kitchn.

Those are my top three soups to I just need the weather to get a teeny bit crisper!

Plus Glen Willow Orchards local apples are out!

It's a great day in the neighborhood!

And flannel is hot for fall again! These are all from Free People!

Reading this...and listening to thunder roar!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Steamy Hot...Again!

This summer has the feel of a lost much rain...then all the house stuff...the painting...the tree...the deck..oh my...the trip to see Den's dad...and today the washer is getting repaired. It is making a noise that is so loud we can not hear ourselves in the family room! I have to track this summer by keeping in mind sort of illogical events!


Plus now Den has to wear braces! I am sort of laughing. I wore braces twice and now Den has to wear them...he was freaking out but he gets to wear probably only I will know...and I promised him I wouldn't how great I am at keeping promises? I wore Invisalign my second time and it's not that bad. We love our orthodontist...there are games in the office and he will be fine! Plus I told him to go years ago but he did not listen to me and now he absolutely has to...I am so right...when I am right!

I hate waiting for repairmen!

I am still deciding what to read...I am in a little bit of a time crunch with Amazon Vine and Last Harvest...too many good books!

I have 5 days to read these...before I am overdue...I read Carson Stroud...and this is the next book in this good...creepy...Steven King scary!

This is described as a "dazzling debut"and it sounds really intense. I think I will read it now!

This one is another thriller! Yum!

It gets even better...I have 6 days to read these...yikes...or else I will be overdue. If you are overdue with Vine you can't get anything new when it's the third Thursday of the month. I am amazed that I am even aware of this but Amazon tracks it for me...I love Amazon and I love Vine! I tend to pick mysteries from Vine and these are both thriller/chillers from authors I have read before! to read and wait!
The Panopticon...her I come!

Happy Reading!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh Me Oh My! It's Monday! Let's Talk Books!

Today is thankfully uneventful...hopefully...lots of delicious books found their way to me...from lots of lovely publishers and some by magic! Lol...just happens when I read a YA fantasy...but I loved City Of Bones and I have to zip right in to the next one...sometimes I forget how much fun reading is when there is no pressure...sigh!

And then there are these to discover...

This one I had to deliciously dysfunctional...the NYT Book Review raved about this author's writing.

That's it for me!

Happy reading!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's A Windows Open Kind Of Sunday!

I made this for breakfast! I bet you can't even tell what it is! It's one of those pancakes called a Dutch Baby! You bake it in a cast iron pan in the oven and it gets peaks and valleys and yummy brown spots. I sautéed a fresh apple in a bit of brown sugar and the purest vanilla and butter...of course...and you slide that onto the Dutch Baby as soon as it comes out of the oven...we added just a little bit of yummy maple syrup and it was all so good! I know my plates don't match these placemats but these are our Cowboy Dishes...Den loves these on Sunday mornings!

Reading and loving this...I don't know why I was never quite in the mood for it...before...the movie sort of got panned but think I still want to see it...I just have to do a good sell job on Den and explain repeatedly that it is not like Twilight!

Happy Reading!