Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sinks, Faucets, And Other Fun Stuff...

Today is the day I have been dreading for a very long time...hanging out at the sink and faucet store!

Four more days and my kitchen as I know it is gone!

Finishing's been a thoroughly lovely reading adventure!

Starting this...

Trying not to think about the kitchen...until I absolutely have to!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

I Expect To Be Discombobulated?

Is that even a word? My IPad didn't change it so I am going with it...

I can't even imagine what my kitchen is going to look like...once it's torn apart...I do imagine Lucy and Roxie falling through the hole in the island where the cooktop should be and disappearing...I do imagine going to the sink and turning on the faucet about a 100 times until I finally realize there is no water. I do imagine sobbing uncontrollably when I realize I can't control the chaos. Sigh!

The baked spaghetti I made yesterday? Really delicious...but as much work as making lasagna...perhaps more work...yep...definitely more work because I never make prepare to feed an army...we cut two squares and I could feed about 10 more people...not sure what will happen to the rest of it! Yikes!

Still reading this gem...I would have to call it a fantasy...a lovely fantasy!

Have you seen or heard about this book?

The author is Mike the sports guy from's supposed to be really good!
The Amazon book description says this...

"All You Could Ask For, debut novel by Mike Greenberg, cohost of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, is a tender and insightful story of friendship and love, heartbreak and renewal, played out in the lives of three unforgettable women..."

Sounds yummy!!!

Lots going on here today...Elmer the Amish Tree Trimmer is here tree trimming!
Lucy and Roxie are running from window to window listening and watching Elmer. Actually so am I...

Den is home working...he, too, is running from window to window watching Elmer!

Life in the "burbs" exciting?

Off to make lunch...what fun!

We are having tomato, avocado, and arugula sandwiches on toasted whole grain bread...with chips! And pickles! Organic bread and butter pickles!

What can I small things thrill me!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Reading this...really loving it...the house is red brick and women seem to stumble upon it when they need to and they are allowed to stay for 99 days because that's all it should take to get your life back in order and beautiful white hired Peg is in charge and she makes creamy thick hot cocoa and there is an invisible cat named Mog whom you can feel but not see and this is Peg's last year...but to find out what this is her last year of you should read this book...whew! Oh and apparently what you need appears in your room...Alba..for example...went to bed in an empty room and woke up surrounded by books!

Springy new quilt and pillow shams...I have now totally succeeded making our room as pink and girly as it can be...Den was away so he hasn't even seen it Roxie and Lucy love it...

Dinner tonight...I need a Welcome Home dinner for Dennis...I think's a baked spaghetti from SIMPLY's sort of like a lasagna...the noodles are layered with cheeses and turkey Italian sweet I can make it this afternoon and be free to relax this evening.

After postponing our kitchen upgrade...we are actually doing it next week...perfect timing! Lucy and Roxie finally have a happy routine and there will be chaos everywhere. We have changed counter top colors no less than four times...changed our minds about the island four times...changed our minds about everything. This weekend will be our fourth time picking out sinks and faucets! Our island shelving has been in our contractor's garage for nearly two years...we move better than we redo stuff. Seriously...

Plus we will not have water or a cooktop for at least ten days...starting next Wednesday!

I have a stash of Groupons and I am overbuying throwaway plates, cups, etc. I can not even get my head around this!

Any ideas about how to make life liveable for ten days?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Is What I Am Going To Do!

Seriously...this book was soooooo deliciously good! OMG!

Reading this now...just started clue if it's good or not ...I love the cover, though!

I swear that the next 3...books that I read are going to be mine...books I bought because I just want to read them...maybe...

Doesn't this look as though Lucy has a secret? She does...I saw her sneak up to Roxie Blue while she was sleeping and gently touch Roxie's nose! I think she might be on the verge of liking Roxie! Maybe?

That's it!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's Happening Today...

Well...I dropped a bowl of blueberries from the refrigerator...of course it smashed and of course blueberries went everywhere...and of course the glass break alarm went off and the whole house alarm went off...sigh!
Then Roxie came galloping into the kitchen and squashed a blueberry into she is slightly blue...sigh!
I despise cleaning up extra messes that I am the direct cause of...then I hit my nail and chipped my course the polish that should not come off came off...but only half came off which is almost worse than all of it coming off...sigh!
Plus I really wanted those blueberries...

Finished was so good...I think I liked it even more than Across The Universe!
Elissa has a twin...a spare...and in her quest to save her twin sets out on an amazing adventure. It's all realms, press a button for everything, spaceship paced and just really filled with thrills and chills and spills!

Just started this...

What are you up to today? Any blueberries in your future?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just A Few Books To Think About!

Amazon Vine had quite a few delightful me these books all say summer!

But even in the summer...I need mystery!
And a teensy bit of YA and dystopian!

And this one?
Just sounds like fun...and...maybe a little dash of Southern charm!

I am ready to choose now!
Can't wait to put the deck furniture out...sit with my two girls...and read and swing and swing and read!

We are debating getting Roxie her own kitty tent...hmmm.

Will Lucy share her space...her kitty tent...her stroller?

She might share her kitty tent but I think the stroller is hers alone!

I wonder why I am hungry for an egg salad sandwich today! Hmmm!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Signs Of Sunshine!

A quick change of a few things and I feel a bit springy...the front door wreath and pansies! Aren't they a sure sign of a real spring?

The mantle...

a bunny...and...

another bunny...and...

some sailboats...and...

a bumblebee...and...

a painting from Maine...

and two bunnies...I mean goofy!

Happy Easter!