Friday, March 8, 2013

A Very Snowy Cold Friday!

I actually went back to this book...finished it...and loved it!
Hot summer in Sweden...a mad murderer on the loose...young girls disappearing...a troubled detective...I am so glad I gave it a second chance!

Reading this...another disturbing mystery! I am whittling down my endless but much loved Edelweiss queue!

Date night tonight...our first time leaving our lovely girls alone...yikes! I hope Lucy isn't planning anything! My poor lovely Roxie...she is just waiting for a sign from her big sister...a teensy sign of love?

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Just finished was so good! Sophia thinks she is the lovely handsome Bernard's goddaughter...but when she goes to live with him...oh my...she learns that he has other plans for her. What happened to his other wives? Why is Bernard so...mean...for lack of a better word...why does he hurt everything she loves...and...what are his secrets...whew!

I think that I need to cook pasta today but not with red of these...from Food & Wine...

I love cloth bags in the spring and summer...look at these from Free People!

Reading this...

Still working on my girls...we just need them to get a teeny bit closer. We seem to be at a standstill...Lucy is fine until she looks at Roxie Blue and realizes she's actually staying...I need a kitty whisperer...seriously...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why I Love This Wednesday!

We slept through the night without anyone hissing!

Den is home all day...he is doing tax prep...and we might go to lunch if tax prep isn't depressing but most likely it will be.

Lucy and Roxie touched toes...all I can say is Roxie is one brave girl!

We may get a little snow!

Den brought me cereal and coffee in bed!

Gave up on my Norwegian mystery for started out weird and sort of "icky" and I am not in the mood for "icky".

Reading's about a young girl and her "godfather"...who eventually turns out to be Bluebeard the Pirate. Quite fascinating...

So...I am reading, watching TV, playing with kitties...and soon I will be requesting just one more delicious cup of coffee!

How's your Wednesday going?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Day!

Finished this...quite good if you like eating with English know...tea...biscuits...blood.

Reading this...thank you Edelweiss!

Playing with these...they are all tuckered out now...not sleeping together yet but...someday? Can I just tell you that Roxie looks at Lucy with kitty love eyes? And...most of the time my sweet Lucy either hisses at her or pops her on the head. But...if Roxie is not in sight...Lucy looks for I think Roxie is wearing Lucy down...I yearn for the day when they are a tiny Tonk puddle! Yesterday they were both asleep in the sunroom...separate...but choosing to be in the same room...

Making these for dinner...I love The Pioneer Woman...I really do!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday...A Day To Plan...

Just finished this...unbelievably knocked my socks off good! One of the best lawyer books I have my life!

Reading this...I just often crave a good vampire book! Yum!

That's it! I got nuthin' girls are asleep...I need to clean the house a bit...prep for some laundry...chill with my vampy book!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well...I Should Have Known...

We were excited to have the TV installed.

We were excited to have everything about the TV wireless.

We were excited to spend Saturday afternoon watching all of our DVR'd stuff.

We were not excited to get an error message in the middle of the TV screen every 3 minutes telling us that we were not connected to the "network".

The Geek Squad was gone.

The Geek Squad came back.

The Geek Squad was puzzled.

The Geek Squad uninstalled and reinstalled everything.

The error message was still there.

The Geek Squad is coming back on Monday.

Probably with a new TV.

Don't worry...we are mostly happy.