Friday, January 25, 2013

Up Early!

Sitting here waiting for snow...

Just finished good...I think my new favorite way to read trilogies is waiting until all of them are out and then reading all three in a row! I am still lost in space!

What's up next? Not sure...I love bouncing back and forth between genres...
I might need a mystery or an intense women's fiction or another YA...or fantasy...perhaps one of these lovelies?

Hmmm...have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Have To Think About Spring!

Love these...all from Free People...

I want to curl up on the deck in this...with a book...of course!

Who doesn't want to ride a bike in a long dress? Lol...

Just yummy comfort...

Love this look!

My kind of dress...

Reading this and this...I never read two books at a time but I have to finish both before tomorrow...3:00PM...Amazon Vine Time...don't ask!

Have a Happy Wednesday! It was 11 degrees here this morning!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost In Space!

I read Across The Universe when it first came out...and loved it...but until yesterday I didn't think about reading the second one in the series let alone the third one.

I hate Star Wars, I strongly disliked all of the Captain Kirk TV shows that my brothers watched...and...pretty much hate any kind of space travel.

Hmmm...but it's freezing cold outside and's a winter wonderland! And I am nestled in with this book...and it's so good...even though I hate the way they swear and the way everyone looks alike and the way some people are frozen and the way Harley hurled himself into space to die...nightmares for me for sure...

I probably will zip right into this one because my friend June says it is that good!

This is not a day for an outside walk...even bundled up!

I haven't worn my Christmas "almost" mittens yet...but I probably won't wear them today! Stay warm!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Ice cream for dinner last night was so much cream with Rold Gold Thin Pretzels. Yum!

I had Jimmy Fallon ice cream and Den had Willy Nelson ice cream. Double Yum!

Reading this...

Two sisters have not seen each other in 16 was pregnant in high sister sister raised that sister has kidney disease along with a high percentage of the residents of the town. There is a huge factory in this town that just could be the cause of all of the bad stuff? I don't want to share too much...but it's really good, sort of fast paced, and very hard to put down...I need to know what happens so I have been rewarding myself with reading three or four chapters in between doing laundry and prepping dinner and doing other Monday jobs.

That's it...that's my day...and I am loving it!

Loving her, her tutu! Lol...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice Cream For Dinner!

That's our plan...I just made that buffalo chicken dip that everyone in the world has made except for me. Of course Den loved so's full of chicken and cheeses and Frank's Hot can eat celery stalks with it or tortilla chips. But it is very spicy burny hot! Yikes!

I have stuff simmering away in the slow cooker...actually beef chunks that cook in a red enchilada sauce...but I think we aren't hungry enough to have them until tomorrow. Thy are called Smothered Burritos and my recipe came from Blog Chef. Mine will look like this tomorrow...

But because of the burny chicken dip...we need ice cream...and pretzels to dip into it...I can hardly wait.

Back to my book...

Happy Sunday!