Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It Truly Does Look, Feel, And Smell Like Christmas!

The tree...

The presents...

More presents...

The crowds at Whole Foods at 8:30 this morning...

Seeing Santa on the way home...

Hanging stockings...

Seeing who wears it better...

Mailing...finally...our Christmas cards...

Someone downstairs wrapping presents for me...oh boy...

Dinner tonight is a combination of foods from our childhood Christmas Eve celebrations...we are having pierogi, sautéed cabbage...the ruffled kind...Savoy, I think...and shrimp cocktail! My Polish grandma would make pierogis all day long...filled with potatoes and cheese, my Italian grandmother would make Seven Fishes...the Italian feast. The cabbage is for Den because according to google...that is served on Christmas Eve if you are Hungarian! Ethnic eating can be tough...you have to sort of sift through the dishes to find things you like!

Pierogis are so delicious, though, soft doughy pillows stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. You have to sauté them in butter and sweet caramelized onion to get them crispy and delicious! Of course...Whole Foods has yummy artisanal ones...I only need to pop them in a pan!

Happy Christmas Eve! We are praying for snow on our drive to church early tomorrow morning!


  1. There is nothing like homemade pierogis. I've had the store bought stuff but when a Polish friend of mine married some years back his mother went all out on the pierogis and I have never forgotten them. They are amazing.

    I'm making pernil (Cuban roast pork - also a tradition for us).

    Merry Christmas!

    LOVE your beautiful tree and the wrapping came out gorgeous. Are all those gifts for just you two? :)

    1. Juju...yes...we spoil each other! No pink Kitchen Aid...though...mine is gray but I couldn't get along without it!

  2. Wow. Like I said, you live the sweet life. That's a crazy stash of presents! Yippee!! Lol! I love the butcher block wrapping. So uniform and simple. The girls look absolutely adorable. I don't think I've ever seen Roxie look so fetching...and Lucy...a looker as usual. Have a blessed holiday, you can guys! :-)

  3. It sounds like you're ready for a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Oh, love your Christmas decorations...and the adorable "girls." The foods sound good, too. When I was little, my Swedish grandmother took us to a Smorgasbord on Christmas Eve. It was impressive, even though some of the fish dishes didn't look appetizing to me.


  5. Hi Patty, everything does look, and smell like Christmas. Love your post and photos, and yes, I do remember the cabbage for Christmas Eve. My aunt Mariska who lived next door to us...right here in Florida for years, would make stuffed cabbage, the Hungarian way...of course (which I learned from her), and I agree with you on the Pierogis, Costco also has some delicious potato filled ones in their frozen isle. I would sauté onions in butter and serve it along with it. Really so, good. The kitties look so cute and festive!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas Patty! Love your tree and wrapping. Homemade pierogis are the best! Mom always made them for big family dinners, a Polish neighbor taught her how. Now I make them. Yummo! Never had them at Christmas though, might have to re-think that one! Having Christmas at my son's this year and they have 4 cats! Has been quite fun watching them play.

  7. I enjoyed Christmas but I am also glad it's over. Next year I want more activities and less buying.