Sunday, December 8, 2013

Being Organized...Not Always A a Good Thing! And It's Snowing!

Snow prints courtesy of Roxie Blue! spite of being incredibly organized...I have bouts of wondering/worrying where certain things are. Today I was obsessed with finding my red snow sign...made from Pennsylvania barn wood...because it wasn't where I put it...I also wanted my primitive painted also wasn't where I put searching for an hour Den told me that he moved them to a "better" place! Sigh!

Both signs are still in the basement...too tired to hang them...and the dreaded bins are there, too!

I also spent part of today looking for my mom's Audubon bird prints, a window light, a painting we bought in New Orleans but never framed, some little prints we bought in Maine and never framed, and my Tommy Tunes signed by Tommy Tunes print that was framed but Lucy knocked it from the wall and it's now unframed. I also had to find Roxie Blue's yellow fuzzy mouse for her because she is obsessed with it...she knocked it under the basement door. She had both paws under the door and her little kitty face pressed against the door trying to reach it.

I think all this "finding stuff" comes from moving furniture yesterday...there was a bigger desk upstairs that we moved to Den's study/Lucy's room. He had an antique desk in his study that was from a Catholic girl's school in St. Louis. It was sweet but small...I have no clue why we didn't change out the desks years ago. So we moved that one to a guest room otherwise known as the room where I keep my overflow stuff...

So we had to go through drawers and toss stuff and...somehow I started to wonder about the prints...and...sigh...I am sort of over it all now! But I am still looking for the Maine prints...sigh!

Den's desk...

Patty's desk/TV

Snow! Lovely's snowing right now! There is actually about 4 inches on the deck railing now! We already had hot chocolate with three marshmallows! Each!
This has been one heck of a day!

Reading this...really good!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I need to find time to do some organizing but, here lately, I feel like all I do is chase my tail. Keep the snow up your way, please!

    1. Not to worry...I am very selfish with my snow!

  2. Cute post. Love the footprints.
    I loved that book, and will be reviewing it soon. I usually wait until it is out.

  3. I love your desks...both of them. And the snowy footprints are adorable! I know what you mean about not being able to find stuff...and there is nobody else I can blame it on when something is not where I thought it was!

  4. Oh, and I just finished What I Had Before I Had You...awesome read!

  5. My problem is...every time I start a project (which is almost daily)...I start to go into an 'organizing frenzy' and spend hours and hours on that project! Love your snow, Patty...just watching it from inside, or from a photo; I spent many winters in Ohio growing up and into young adult-hood. Just do not miss it any more!