Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Stay At Home Sunday!

Yesterday was exhausting! We rarely go into our little town but we spent a few hours there yesterday. It was so much fun!

Hair, nails, lunch, coffee, sushi! All in town! Whew!

Love my nails...the color is called!

It seriously looks like a driveway with sparkles! Lol! We had "wild game" chili and salads for lunch...the wild game was elk and so good...I had to stop being an almost vegetarian to eat it...

Coffee was here...I had the best creamy latte ever! It's at a brand new place called Philter! Get it? Philter! I think I am getting the "Christmas Crazies"...

 zipped off to church and to the store to grab a few provisions. I can't find my cookie cutters...they are still in boxes in the basement from the kitchen remodel!
So I am making these! Sugar cookies without rolling them out! These are from a site I love called...PureWow! The recipe is simple and they get sliced and baked and iced and munched!

And I am making these...and that's it for me for holiday baking. These are crispy edged chocolate chippers from Serious Eats! Yum!

Reading this still...I can't tell because it's on my Kindle but it must be a huge book!
What I do know us that it is so relaxing to just read a book without thinking about writing a review! Oh...I have to review it but...I am not thinking about! This book is a translation...but other than the twenty letter names of towns...the story and the set up are so smooth...I love every word. It's the Snow White Must Die author and I read and loved that one, too!

The rest of our day is breakfast, lunch, dinner and football!

Happy Almost Christmas!


  1. It sounds like yesterday was nice. today is a perfect day to stay inside! Enjoy!

  2. The icing on those sugar cookies looks soooo good. Nice and thick! I, too have freed myself from book reviews and it makes such a difference! When I put a book down for a while, I have to remind myself its ok, I'm on my "own" time now. Yeah! :-)

  3. Your nails look fabulous! Your day in town sounds fun. :)

    Bad Wolf seems like a book I would enjoy. Glad you are getting to read and enjoy it!

  4. I would love a day to stay at home all day. I did make one batch of cookies today!

  5. I love iced sugar cookies. But but but... can't eat them anymore. Sadness. Sadness.

  6. Love your nail color! I need to get back into my darker shades...of midnight navy, burgundy, and purple.

  7. There is an award for you on my blog today! ~xo~