Thursday, November 28, 2013


How can I not remember other Thanksgivings...driving or flying back to Ohio from all of the other places that we have lived...packing, scheduling, bringing us and kitties back to Illinois Avenue in McDonald, Ohio. And now that house belongs to people I don't even know. When we are in town to visit my sister it's still hard to walk or drive by...sigh!

Setting the table for my mom...bringing out the olive and celery plates...which are now mine and my sister's.

My mom would put Libby's black olives and crispy ice cold celery on hers...I am using more exotic artisanal olives, cheeses and salume...but it's still the same feeling.

I woke up early this morning and came downstairs quietly...I thought I was alone but Roxie and Lucy were right behind me. From the family room sofa I could see the pond and hear the ducks and geese. I sipped my steamy mug of coffee and thought about the times when packing up to go home was so inconvenient. I would make a million excuses in my head about why we should just stay put...but once we got there...and saw the sweet faces of my mom and dad...who were so happy to have their "Patty" I am so thankful that we did. All my parents ever wanted to do was to be with, cats, dogs, birds...they took it all in and loved every minute.

That's enough retrospective for me...I need pie! Den and I decided we would eat pie for breakfast...not the pumpkin one but the apple crispy one! Yum!

Reading this...while watching the parade...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and family!

Happy Reading, too!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dennis!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dennis, and Roxie and Lucy too! It is funny how many Thanksgiving memories we have. The people, the smells, the special plates, the special foods, the fun.........

    1. is...I love that celery plate! Have a wonderful day, Bill!

  3. I always love when you get all retrospective. Our sensibilities are so similar. Love the idea of delicious apple pie for breakfast. I had a thick, fluffy, soft, huge chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles for mine yesterday. Yum yum!! Have a great Thanksgiving! :-)

  4. I think pie for breakfast is a fine idea! I brought some pumpkin home from my daughter's...and now that I think about it, breakfast it is! Your apple one looks very delicious...

    Enjoyed your thoughts about going home...and all the traditions and memories.

    Happy Thanksgiving!