Monday, November 25, 2013

Planning For Thursday!

Cooking for two is something I have mastered. Thanksgiving dinner is out of my area of expertise...totally!

However...this year we are staying here. We usually go to my sister's but...we aren't yet ready to leave Lucy, the weather looks frightening...there is a ton of snow where my sister is...and tons of rain and perhaps ice here.

Den is taking off the rest of the week. We are going to see Catching Fire tomorrow and we will pick up Thanksgiving foods on Wednesday...everything is ordered and lists are made. Everyone has a!

I ordered pies from our fave little artisanal store...Janssen's...pumpkin praline and crispy topped apple...I have no clue why I ordered two...I am hoping I can freeze slices! I also hope they are tiny. Sweet cute tiny little pies! Cute little pies! Sweet little pies! Hmmm...this is from their FB page and it looks huge! Uh oh!

Now to the turkey...

I ordered an already cooked organic free range one. The smallest was 10 to 12 pounds and again...I have no concept of what that means. I am sure we will be shocked Wednesday when we pick it up. I only have to put it in the oven for two hours to warm it! Easy peasy! I think I can freeze some of that, too!


Den is in charge of mashed potatoes, I am making my mom's sweet potatoes,
I am still looking at stuffing recipes and Den wants either just plain corn or green beans or roasted brussel sprouts. We are thinking of making homemade rolls on Wednesday. I have to make homemade cranberries. It sounds like a lot but everything is in small amounts...except for those darn pies!

Lucy is in charge of watching Roxie and Roxie is in charge of watching Lucy!

Lol...sorry...I could not resist! They look so excited!

Still reading my cozy knitting's very relaxing!

Happy Reading!


  1. Niceeee! Sounds cozy and intimate and lovely.

  2. I need to get with it and make our plans. I bought the turkey breast, but that's it. I told Carl and Vance they each have to select a side but, so far, neither has.

  3. I like the sound of your Thanksgiving. I don't have to daughter and her fiance are cooking (they love to cook!). I am bringing wine and maybe something else. I tell her that she must always choose partners who enjoy cooking with her, and so far so

    My youngest son and his wife will be there, too; then we'll have the second Thanksgiving on the Saturday, with the same people, and my second son and his kids. At Marie Callender's.

    Have a great day!

  4. A ten pound turkey is like a big chicken. You will have enough for you and Den and then some leftovers.

    As for the pies, the small pies are cute but I find they are crust heavy. If you like fillings, then the larger pies are better. The apple should freeze okay.

    You won't believe it but I either ate something at lunch that did not agree with me, or I have the beginnings of a stomach bug, I am thinking that me voicing it here, will jinx it and it will disappear with a poof and be gone. I took some bicarbonate of soda and do feel a little better. It's probably my lunch of leftovers

  5. You are so organized and your menu sounds fab. I love the idea of ordering a precooked free range turkey that only needs to be cooked for two hours. Awesome!

    Good luck getting everything together and ready. Hope the weather isn't too bad!

  6. I wish I could learn to cook for two. I am glad that Jessie, Garrett are here to eat, because every meal I make feeds all of us and there are always leftovers.

    1. I just make smaller amounts and shop for things more often. I think I just shop more often...and I try not to make anything extra!

  7. Your thanksgiving meal sounds so easy and tasty!!