Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yahoo! I Am Inspired!

In keeping with my one is never enough philosophy and my obsessive compulsion to buy stuff...I am discovering buried treasures on my bookcases. Apparently I bought a ton of books to inspire me and then completely forgot about them when I moved on to something else. I have been gathering them up and actually looking at them and putting them in my Bear/Inspiration Look at this one...I don't even remember wanting to be an explorer.

Yesterday I actually used one of's a book where you fill in all kinds of lists...I am loving this...seriously!

It also gives me a chance to sort through markers and stuff and toss out the bad ones and get new ones!

I even found these awesome coloring books...really cool ones...I have no idea why I wanted these.

But it makes me think I am not that creative if I needed all this stuff to get creative...sigh!

I used to love this quirky author named Sark. All of her books were printed like this and I loved it!

Oh my...

Still reading this...soooo good!

Happy Reading!


  1. You're got quite an eclectic stash! It also looks very "teacherish". Is that a word? Lol...Enjoy. it's so fun to to discover hidden treasure! :-)

  2. Well, you certainly are always an inspiration!!

  3. Wow! Like finding buried treasure....I love discovering things in my very own home that I forgot about. If I went through the bins in my garage, I might also find something great...ha-ha! Probably just junk, or it would be in my house already, right?

  4. I love that you found books to inspire you- and that they were already in your house. Awesome! :) I guess we do have buried treasures in our houses! I will have to search through mine soon.