Saturday, October 5, 2013

Whoops! We Saw Them Again!

Slipped out to AC yesterday to see Hall And good!
We had dinner at Izakaya...yum...spicy tuna cracker and other delights. See that window on the right? That's our

We played nickel slots and I won lots of money! Almost $50.00!!! That's a lot, isn't it? I am the gambler who quits as soon as I win! We spent the night...had a Starbucks coffee there and an Egg McMuffin on the drive home...I am sister's Mexican chicken is simmering in the slow cooker and I am on the sofa with my books!

Waiting for Den to finish mowing so that we can really chillax.

Love this kind of going soon as Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue talk to us will be good!

We left them alone...we were away less than 24 hours...they had tons of toys, food, and water...we have those in house cameras so Den checked on them every hour...and they are both still giving us the silent treatment!

Little Divas!

Reading this! Very good!

My house smells like a cantina! Making that cheesy dip for Den as soon as he comes in...I even bought Velveeta Cheese...if that's a cheese! I hope it does not kill us! Sigh!

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh, I would love to see (and hear) them! And that food is making me salivate...I'd better grab some dinner.

  2. RoTel is a secret ingredient for a lot of our recipes! The book looks interesting. Bill is going back on the road, new job...I will be reading more again!

    1. Good for the reading but sad that he is traveling... I am so used to Den traveling that it just is what it is...

  3. This sounds like a fun trip! My husband and I would love to see Hall and Oats. :) He is obsessed with Live from Daryl's House. :)


  4. Don't you feel better, knowing that Lucy has a friend now to keep her company?