Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Halloween Dilemma!

We never know how much candy to buy...and we always get it wrong! If I buy tons...we have just a few kids...if I buy just one giant bag...we run out...there are really no kids in our neighborhood any more plus we aren't a normal block that can be walked to...thus the I want to just put out a big bowl and kids can take their own...Den wants to see everyone...and we also have to worry about capturing Roxie before we open the door! Whew!

I hate to say this but when I taught second grade...thus was a huge headache of a day. Parties and parades did not start until 2:00 but every child at exactly 9:00 began asking me this...when is our party, when can we change into our costumes and are we going to work today? Plus parents and grandparents started trickling in just to say hi at 1:00. I could predict this every year! This year it's even worse for teachers because Halloween is on a Thursday...guess what those little hands will sneak into school on!

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!

I am making these for dinner with a yummy chopped salad! Thank you Barefeet In The Kitchen for another great dinner!


  1. We have quite a few little ones in our neighborhood but I can never predict the right amount of candy to buy either. If I run out early, I'll cut out the light. If I bought too much, the last few kids who come get LOTS of candy.

    1. That's a good plan...we tend to do the opposite...not sure why!

  2. We never get it right. Now because we had so much rain they are doing it tomorrow! We tend to give extras when there are few kids, too. I love the little ones!

  3. I have lived in this condo for six years, now, and we've never had anyone come by for Halloween. And I've always bought way too much candy that I munch on afterwards, and then try to dump on my grandkids when they come by.

    This year, I bought none. I'll bet someone will come! LOL

  4. Hope you had the right amount of candy! We learned after our first year in our house that we get a LOT of trick-or-treaters. :) I usually have close to 100 kids! The first year I had to run out and get more candy.

    I am sure there will be kids with candy snuck in their lunchboxes tomorrow!