Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reading As Fast As I Can...LOL...

I am that annoying person who likes to get things done...before they are due!

I was the teacher who had report cards done early and would annoy my team by telling them.
I prep for dinner as though I was on Top Chef.
I set the table (with seasonal napkins) before lunch.
I start laundry as soon as I wake up.
I wrap presents as soon as I buy them and set them out so Den can see my efficiency.
I list everything I want to do each day and then I actually do all of them and more in a minimal amount of time.
I am worked out, showered, and free by noon every day.
I like an ordered hotel room and I never take my neatly folded clothes out of my suitcase.
I am so annoying. I really truly am. I am a freak of nature!

There is a point to this...I have 4 overdue book reviews! I mean they are listed in red letters on my Amazon Vine account!

Overdue! Overdue! Overdue! It's as though I just got 4 INC's or even worse 4 F's!

It's making me crazy and it will take me days to get them all read! Oh me, oh my!

And they are lovely yummy books that I can't wait to read!

I had to stop Mother, Mother which I love...and start these which I also love.

Happy Reading!


  1. We're a lot alike! I can't stand to have something looming over my head. I am way behind on my reading but I am caught up on Vine. lol

  2. I cannot read to a deadline. I simply can't. They eventually get read but not usually by the time they are released. I am a mood reader and have to be in the mood for whatever I pick up.

  3. Another reason to accept fewer review books (or blog tours)! The must be exhausted.

    I am kind of like that, too, except I loll about in the mornings in my; but I also am doing things online or laundry or reading. But I like the lazy feeling of not rushing in the mornings...after years of being up before dawn to write, then go to work, and then rush all day.

    Give yourself a break!

  4. O.M.G. You are waaay too humble. You're lucky you made it out of the school alive!

  5. You crack me up! I hope the speed reading is going well so you can turn those Fs into passing grades. :) I think it is great that you are so efficient! I would love to get everything done off of my lists each day (my husband tells me that I put too much on them...). :)

    Good luck!