Saturday, October 19, 2013

Random Saturday Stuff...

I forgot to blog yesterday! Or rather I wrote a post and then got distracted and when I went back to it it disappeared but mostly because that's what the Blogger App does on my disappears if you don't save it. Oh well...

I read Susanna Daniel's Sea Creatures all day long yesterday. I had totally forgotten that she wrote one of my all time favorite books...Stiltsville...her writing is so lovely and her stories can make you so happy and so sad. This one had some really sad parts but it was so beautiful! Frankie...the little boy in the sweet and funny. Georgia...his torn. This lovely book is a must read!

Now reading this...a really yummy British mystery by an author very new to me!

Den is out playing in the yard...kitties are napping...I have an old Harry Potter on while I sip coffee and get my bearings for today...

I am making Smitten Kitchen's lazy day pizza dough later and this will be dinner...with another chopped salad!

I just bought Smitten Kitchen's cookbook and it's delightful!

Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Reading!


  1. I was thinking about you when I walked this morning - well, really, I was thinking about Lucy. I hope she's doing well!

    I'm excited about Sea Creatures because I loved Stiltsville too!

  2. Yummy food, as usual! Lazy me...I had dinner at Marie Callender's last night...they send me a gift certificate for $5.00 off entree and a free slice of pie. How could I not go? lol

    Luckily, I halve the entree and doggy-bag it, so I'll have some more tonight.

    I am curious about Sea Creatures....

    1. Marie Callender is a restaurant too?!?

    2. You're sounding like your old self again. Glad Lucy's making progress. ..whew! :-)

  3. This sounds like a nice easy day. Enjoy your special weekend!!

  4. Watched a TV series based on Francis Fyfield's books and enjoyed it. Have not read any of the books though.