Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I just finished my second Helen West cozy mystery good! I love these books! Thank you so much to Danielle from Harper Collins. I might never have found them on my own!

The only weird thing about them is that they are being rereleased from the UK and they have different US titles...sigh! And the author has written a ton of books...even some under a different's a plethora of mysteries that I am working my way through.

But at this point in time I am obsessed with Helen...seriously obsessed. I think I might want to be her....oh my! She is a barrister, she has a garden, she lives in a basement apartment, she has a cat...I could be Helen another life! I feel the same way about her as I felt about reading and rereading Nancy Drew books a million years ago.

Look at these totally weird covers! And...I may or may not have read these...because of the cover/title changes...I am not sure. Lol?

I do know that I read and loved these...they are so interestingly unputdownable...sigh...just so very good! Many of them can be pre ordered for your Kindle or Kindle App at Amazon...they are $2.99!

I am off to start my third Helen West...I imagine her wearing great black business suits, she has a tumble of controlled wavy dark hair, creamy skin and vivid red lips. Perhaps a discreet gold pin and tasteful gold earrings earrings. At the end of her day she walks into her messy garden apartment, throws off her heels and sits in her small overgrown garden sipping a glass of red wine as she absently strokes her beloved cat.

This is the book I am reading now...

This is the list of Helen West novels. The one I am reading is not listed there so I am thinking that the title was changed...and they are old, too! But I still love them!

A Question of Guilt (1988) nominated for an Edgar Award
Trial by Fire (1990) [US Title: Not That Kind of Place] Rumpole Award
Deep Sleep (1991) Silver Dagger Award
Shadow Play (1993)
A Clear Conscience (1994)
Without Consent (1996)

Happy Reading!


  1. Those are some bizarre covers. I bet my mom would love this series.


  2. Wow, I love reading about characters that I want to be....