Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Movers And Shakers!

I think due to the fact that I have a kitty tent in my sunroom...I am tightening up the rest of my house.
I like to be able to walk into different rooms and read or sit down or think or just listen to music.

I also need all of my rooms to be pretty. Some of my rooms even have names. We call one guest room Paula's room because my sister Paula was the first one to sleep there...another room is the Bear Room. Den used to buy me Steiff Teddy Bears...and now they are all in the Bear Room...obvi! Another room is just my room...my extra room...it's where I go if I can't sleep at night and I don't want to wake up Den...it's my girl cave...white wrought iron bed, yummy TV, comfy chair...book shelves...my girl cave...no boys allowed!

The Bear Room used to be just the Bear Room. Every once in a while we would look in but it was just another guest room. We actually moved a big bed out of there and replaced it with an antique daybed and a rocker. And the bears...they are on every surface. Did you know that if you tip over a Steiff bear it growls?

So...yesterday I moved my artist table to the Bear Room and now it's the Bear/Inspiration Room. It's filled with sketchbooks, watercolors, markers, paint pens, and idea books. Now I am looking for something that will play spa music all day...or water sounds!

The one thing I miss about teaching is writing and drawing on a white board...I would write to my kids everyday...on my whiteboard...and they would write back in their journals. I just asked Den for a whiteboard on the wall! I can't wait!

Love the smell of dry erase markers in the morning! Sorry...I am just so excited when I have brilliant ideas!

The book I am reading on my Kindle right now is awesome...when I am not following Lucy around on her times out of the tent I can not put it down! Roxie follows her, too, but then jumps on her and knocks her down!

Also reading this in real book form...she is the author who wrote Stiltsville which was one of my all time favorite books. I have determined that I can read two books at a time if only one is a real book. It's working for me! So excited!

Off to have lunch...peanut butter and apricot jam on whole grain bread...with just a few chips and some bread and butter pickles! Yum!

Happy Reading!


  1. I wish I were inspired to create an Inspiration Room. I hope Lucy's doing better!

    1. I am exhausted from being too inspired!

  2. If I created an inspiration room, it would never be used. I don't think I ever pictured you as a crafty person but you mentioned paint pens... were you a painter?

  3. Oh, I could use that room right now. *sigh*

  4. Patty, I'm so glad that you got some great advice from Tonkinese owners to help ease things better about Lucy's sudden illness...hopefully she is getting stronger and better now. It's good to be busy and being inspired at times like these to get your mind off of worrying! I love the idea of your 'girl cave' room...sounds and looks cozy; I'm sure!

  5. Oh, I love the sound of each of these rooms! And great shot of the Bear Inspiration Room.

    I don't have Steiffs...my daughter's former mother-in-law has many of these. I have some Boyd's Bears.

    In my house in the foothills, I named some rooms: I had the Doll Room; the Ireland Room (with memorabilia and photos from Ireland); and the Yosemite Room, since there was a large mural of Yosemite National Park on one wall.

    I have recreated my Ireland Room in my bedroom here....my son took the photos when he was in Ireland.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. How wonderful that you are creating an inspiration room! It sounds like a wonderful idea! Who doesn't love the smell of whiteboard markers in the morning? I love writing on the whiteboard, too. I write my students a message each day. :) Enjoy!

  7. Ooh...I wanna see a pic of the girly room! That lunch sounds interesting...pickles...hmm...Naughty Roxie. Taking advantage of her big sis!