Thursday, October 17, 2013

I've Been Chopped!

I love chopped salads! Den loves chopped salads! We are a chopped salad loving family! If we are out and there is chopped salad on the menu...we both always get it.
The only thing I do not love about chopped salad is the actual chopping! I start off with insane knife skills and perfect tiny bites but one quarter of the way through I am bored and literally toss in whole leaves of lettuce. Sigh!
Then I have to watch Den annoyingly fork up a massive lettuce leaf and maddeningly say...I thought we were having chopped salad!

So...the point of this is...Dole is making bags of chopped salad. I am in chopped salad heaven! I saw a bag on FB yesterday and literally raced to the store and now my refrigerator is stocked with chopped salads. The bag has extras which I may or may not use. We had one with dinner yesterday with just my own homemade dressing and it was so good. I think ours was filled with tiny...teeny...tiny...bites of carrot and cabbage and kale and tons of other yummy veggies! The chop is so tiny you could eat your salad with a spoon. Spoonfuls of salad! Yum!

Then...inquisitive creature that I am...I went to the Dole site and it's chock full of great recipes that use their chopped salad mixes! I may never eat an unchopped salad again!


Guess what I am having for sandwich! Lol...

New books...Edelweiss...I really love you! Don't these covers have a mysterious feel to them?

Off to read...I am still reading's about two grown...who did the very worst thing they could do when they were children...they are now living their adult lives under different names. They meet again...Jade and Kristy and Amber...accidentally in a town where young girls are being murdered. It's so good...intense, dysfunctional, and chilling.

Happy Reading!


  1. I love chopped salads too - that's the only way I make them! I will have to look for those bags!

  2. I love those salads! A couple of those books look good, too. Thinking about you.

  3. I love chopped salads too. But- I never have the patience to make them. The chopped salad bag sounds like a fabulous ide. I mist say- those book covers look so enticing. :)

    Happy reading!

  4. I do love having the salads chopped already, but lately I've been buying the Romaine hearts....actually my favorite salads are spinach...but ever since that tainted spinach scare from a few years ago, I hesitate.....

    I haven't heard of any of your books, except the Isabel Allende.