Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today Is An Exciting Day For Half Of Us!

It's the first football game of the season and it just happens to involve the Denver Broncos! Den from Denver is beyond excited. Way beyond. Really beyond. Truly beyond. I wish I could share his enthusiasm but while he is downstairs watching football the kitties and I will be upstairs watching Big Brother, Project Runway and Dance Moms!
I am making these for dinner...steak tacos from Serious Eats. Add to that salsa, guacamole, and chips...and Den will have a Football Fiesta!

I am tossing in a Kale Salad for good measure! I am thinking he might need a little iron or whatever kale does for you. This one is from SmittenKitchen.

And this ale! Just because the bottles are so darn cute!

Reading and really enjoying this..

Off to prep for dinner...
Happy Reading!


  1. Our big day was Saturday. Our team didn't win but things should look up from here. We're still waiting for that particular pumpkin beer to hit our state.

  2. Autumn is upon us! We watch football & NASCAR. The Punkin Ale sounds interesting (for Bill).
    So you watch Big Brother & Dance Moms, too! Cool.

  3. OMG, those tacos look so good. Thx 4 reminding me about Big Brother!

  4. Your food looks so good! I wouldn't be watching a game

  5. The kale dish looks good. I am not sure what kale does for you- just heard it is good for you. ;)

    Den got to have his football season start off on a really high note! Wow!