Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Reading so good! I love these family dysfunctional novels with a twist...this one could remind me just a bit of the Amanda Knox trial...the author says it might have been loosely inspired by that but it is so much more...I am incapable of putting it down! It is that good!

These are the days I especially appreciate not teaching...days when I can stop whatever I am doing...toss a kitty or two in the tent on the deck...grab a steamy mug of tea...and sit on the deck and read...and that is just what I will be doing once it gets a tad warmer today...once I finish laundry...and once I walk through the house and put all the pillows and quilts back on beds and sofas. Lucy and Roxie's night time romps are getting wilder and wilder. I am not sure I really want to know what my innocents do after dark!

These faces are not telling me everything! Or actually anything!

Today Den and I decided that we need cake...moist sticky chocolatey cake...for dessert tonight!

This calls for Martha Stewart's Busy Day Chocolate Cake! Yum! Our fam fave!
Just google's simple and fabulous!

Happy Reading!


  1. It is a yucky wet day here so I'll be inside but that tea sounds wonderful! I can't wait to get my hands on Cartwheel.

  2. Okay, I will take the cake, book, and a cat. Thanks! Hugs!

    1. I would gladly make you cake...and lend you Roxie for a!

  3. Umm...cake...Roxie doesn't look as cross-eyed today! So sweet... :-)

  4. I usually eat pies rather than cakes....but that cake already has me salivating! Thanks for sharing...and I was also thinking of the Amanda Knox trial when I heard about this book.

    Your innocent little girls are secretly best friends....