Monday, September 2, 2013

Stopped By Fog!

We were all set to drive to Fifer's Orchard in Delaware this morning! Our thoughts were filled with the acquisition of farm fresh veggies, the almost first local apples and freshly made apple juice.

But here we sit! No juice, no apples, no veg! We literally talked ourselves out of going.

Her is why...

1. It was miserably foggy this morning.
2. It's an hour and a half drive through fog.
3. It's near beaches so we thought we might get stuck in beach traffic...this is probably illogical but made sense to us at the time.
4. We got lazy and looked at each other and said...we are driving 2 hours for a carrot?
5. Lucy and Roxie were too cute to leave.

Cute Roxie...

Cute Lucy...

Oh well...

Finished this series and their recurring characters!

Working on this...once I finish this...I have much needed breathing space! Yahoo!

Happy Reading!


  1. Replies
    1. You are so right...we cleaned out both of our refrigerators and felt so good...

  2. That worked out okay, afterall! Now you have room for veggies and fruit!

    1. Yes...that is tomorrow...Den took an extra day off...

  3. I hate driving in fog, and we have a lot of it in our winter months...low to the ground "tulle" fog, they call it.

    It was wise not to go....cute pix of the girls.

    1. Yes...we actually feel good about not going...

  4. A lazy day at home sounds awfully good to me.

    1. We didn't even leave to buy provisions...we had shrimp in the freezer for shrimp cocktails...steaks and potatoes on the grill...and we even have a homemade chocolate cake!

      What am I thinking!